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August 17,2018
Can Fax Machines Really be Gone by 2020?

This week CMS Administrator Seema Verma promoted new goals the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has for promoting interoperability. At ONC's Interoperability Forum, in Washington, D.C., Verma announced that the CMS was working to improve th...

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August 15,2018
How to Reduce the risks Associated with Radiology

Radiation is something that people come in contact with every day. Televisions, household devices like microwaves, natural gas heating implements all emit radiation. Radioactive particles are even in the water we drink and the soil our crops grow fro...

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July 5,2018
10 Signs That an EMR Integration Project is Doomed to Fail

When a healthcare organization decides to do an overhaul on their EHR they still have a long way to go. The decision to do this isn't what is difficult, in and of itself. There's an old riddle that goes like this, "Three frogs are sitting on a log an...

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June 21,2018
Do Analyzing Rhapsody Interfaces Have to be Difficult?

The key to delivering quality healthcare starts with quality communication. In order for a patient to be able to receive proper treatment, it is good practice for a doctor to establish a trustworthy relationship. This not only allows a doctor to have...

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Jun 1,2018
Soothing 3 major Pain Points of the Health Industry

Healthcare has its fair share of problems. Yet, how many of them stem from poor communication. Here we examine 3 common problems, and treatments that can help. Outdated Communication While many healthcare organizations use electronic records, som...

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